About D’Bos

“We need to start a business selling “Buffalo Wings” stated the Boyd’s in 1988 while driving back from visiting Joe and Karen Lewis in Atlanta. I remember as if it was yesterday” stated David. Through our travel, my wife and I have had the pleasure of experiencing relatively, tasty wings throughout the country. These experiences only led to our return to Memphis, where the “Buffalo Wing” had not been taken seriously.

Driven by a desire to prepare a sauce that would “dance on the taste buds” we donned chef’s hats and initiated cooking sessions. Each weekend we made Buffalo Wing, noting each variation of the recipe ingredients, cooking methods and trusting the “taste bud” of family and friends.

Hundreds of wings and a solid year later, we decided the sauce would dance and moved full steam ahead. While the wing sessions were taking place, we were also seeking capital to finance our venture. We were rejected by area banks unwilling to give us the needed support. The bankers felt the wings wouldn’t fly. Not to be out done, we resorted to our only means available-(plastic)-cash advance on our credit cards, to purchase the customized trailer complete with everything…including the kitchen sink.

Holding down full time jobs in addition to raising our two sons who were at that time ages 2 and 1, we opened for business on August 2, 1990 and have since served thousands of wing crazed customers. Customers were so pleased that their continued patronage has allowed D’bo’s to grow from our trailer concept to several locations.

We would like to express our sincere appreciation to everyone for your continued support and encouragement that D’bo’s has received.

Thank you! Enjoy your Wings.

David and Leticia Boyd, Founders.